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Time-dependent Color-changing Vaccine Reminder Ankle Bands

Vaccines play an essential role in protecting babies from acquiring life-threatening and incurable diseases such as meningitis and polio. Such viruses are still prevalent in various parts of Pakistan and missing vaccination schedules can put a child’s health at risk.

To overcome this problem, TVI along with Dr. Noor Sabah Rakhshani – a public health expert, developed a Vaccination Indicator and Reminder (VIR) band. The purpose of this innovation is to remind parents and caregivers about their child’s vaccination schedule. As the name suggests, the band physically indicates the child’s vaccination history, and by using time-dependent dyes, it also highlights when the next vaccination is due.

  • Some basic features of the band include:
  •  The band is equipped with a set of dyes which automatically change their colour when the vaccination’s due date arrives.
  • This physical change in colour reminds the parents when it is time for their child’s next vaccination dose.
  •  The VIR band comes with a unique identifier number. Doctors and healthcare providers can use this number to access the child’s digital records stored in the relevant database.

The VIR band is designed to be easy to use to enhance compliance from its users. It has many benefits as mentioned below.

  •  The band physically shows the entire vaccination record of the child so parents are never confused about the number of doses.
  •  It works automatically and is unobtrusive with the child’s movements and everyday activities.
  •  The band can be easily secured around the baby’s ankles. This eliminates the possibility of losing the band and missing a vaccination deadline.
  •  The VIR band is a non-technological invention which allows it to cater to people living in areas without internet facilities or cell phone coverage.

TVI received immense support in favour of the VIR bands from stakeholders and users. The overwhelmingly positive response for the VIR band shows there is a need and a market for this product.