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Vaccine Indicator and Reminder (VIR) band innovation; providing VIR bands to newborns through community health workers to improve vaccination initiation and completing in Pakistan

The VIR band Community Engagement Intervention was a formative evaluation study to assess the effectiveness of Vaccine Indicator and Reminders (VIR) Band and community engagement for improving parental compliance for timely vaccination initiation and completion in two specific areas of Karachi. Vaccine Indicator and Reminder (VIR) bands is a low cost innovative, smudge, rip and waterproof ankle bands with built-in indicator reminders for completion of routine immunization. The band will remind parents to bring their child to the vaccination centre for timely completion of routine immunization.

The other component of the intervention was to increase community awareness for the importance of the vaccination timeliness and completion. The intervention delivered the key messages among communities to regard child vaccination as a societal responsibility.