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School-age Children-health And Nutrition Survey, in Sindh and Punjab

A pilot cross‐sectional multi‐stage household survey implemented by the consortium of organizations including the Mother & Child Care & Research Inc., Trust for Vaccines & Immunizations and The Aga Khan University to assess the health and nutrition status among school-age children (both in and out of school) in Sindh and Punjab. 

The survey aims to obtain population-level status of health and nutrition of children between 5-10 years of age and improve the understanding of relationship between dietary intake, anthropometrics, and biochemical outcomes. This survey will generate provincially representative specific estimates related to malnutrition (both under-nutrition and over-nutrition), micronutrient deficiencies, dietary intake and select health related outcomes among this population. The information obtained from this survey will be critical for the development of future interventions and school health and nutrition programs in Pakistan targeting the poorest sectors of the population. The project will be implemented in close collaboration with the Government of Sindh and Policy and Strategic Planning Unit (PSPU), Government of Punjab.