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Polysaccharide Typhoid Vaccine through establishment of School-based Vaccination Program

TVI conducted a school-based typhoid vaccination campaign in Gulshan and Jamshed Town, Karachi through which over 120,000 school and madrasah students (between grade 1-10 of participated schools) were provided vaccines against typhoid fever. 

The initial focus was on typhoid fever because it has a high disease burden in the developing world and since many typhoid cases are not reported to physicians or misdiagnosed the disease burden could be substantially higher.

 The feasibility of school-based typhoid vaccination was assessed in two towns of Karachi for a pilot program. The campaign consisted of extensive social mobilization through typhoid awareness sessions to students, parents, teachers, school & madrasah heads, health care providers and community leaders.

 As a supplemental activity an extensive community based typhoid vaccination campaign was also conducted in collaboration with Town Health Office – Landhi Town in high risk areas of Landhi Town through which over 57,000 children were vaccinated.