Areas of Work

Community and school-based surveys

Community and school-based surveys are reliable methods to collect data which represents general population. TVI has been engaged in conducting these surveys even in the most remote areas which produce data that can be used for policy making and intervention planning.

Health Awareness campaigns

The corner stone in achieving better health outcomes is creating awareness among the masses. TVI plays its part by establishing health camps in geographical areas where there are extreme barriers, resulting in better awareness and health care utilization.

Surveillance projects

TVI in collaboration with other research organizations is performing surveillance of enteric pathogens in Karachi and other areas of Pakistan. This will help to identify the disease burden in high risk communities.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are at the top of the research pyramid as they produce the most reliable results. TVI is licensed by DRAP (Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan) to act as a CRO (Contract Research Organization) and provide clinical trial services/support to the various entities like academia, pharmaceutical, medical biotechnology and devices etc.